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Washington D.C.

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Kate Bailey on Jul 30, 2018 said:

“I'd always wanted to check out the mansion since I've lived in DC over a decade, and it definitely didn't disappoint! It was really fun to explore on our own and look for secret doors. I found more than I expected, and proved to my husband what a super sleuth I am! :) ”

Emma Morris on Jul 25, 2018 said:

“What an amazing place! Our 3 under 15's were really competitive with each other about finding the doors. 10 between us and we knew there would be a lot more that we didn't find. We had no idea what to expect but were not disappointed! ”

Secret Door Hunt Guest on Jul 25, 2018 said:

“We loved every minute of our time here. ”

Misty on Jul 25, 2018 said:

“This was one of the most fun things we have done in DC! A great break from museums, where you can't touch anything, to a place that invites you to touch and search for hidden doors and cubbies. We had such a wonderful time and plan to go back and bring friends. ”

Nicolette Seymour on Jul 25, 2018 said:

“We had an amazing time and found the perfect pieces to add to our home. Thank you so much for sharing the mansion with us! ”

Magic Show Guest on Jul 25, 2018 said:

“From the welcoming greeting at the door and introduction to the Mansion to the fantastic Magic Show, it was a magical experience for our granddaughter and us-a birthday present for her 6th birthday. She had a great time hunting for the secret doors (and reading all of the "this is not a secret door" signs!). When I went on the website to arrange for the secret door hunt to find out there was a MAGIC SHOW...Icing on the cake! It was her first (and she happened to get a magic show kit for her birthday, so she was "Primed." We all thoroughly enjoyed the magic show-he was personable and made it enjoyable for all ages. We had held our "after the wedding brunch" at the Mansion years ago and it was also a fabulous way to end that special week-end. The Mansion on O Street is a treasure for DC. Thank you! ”

Dante Gilmer on Jul 23, 2018 said:

“The show and the host were magnificent. Have more magic shows. Keep up the good work. ”

Secret Door Tour on Jul 23, 2018 said:

“My fiance and I had so much fun! The man who introduced us to the tour was so great, he was funny and welcoming. He explained how to look for secret doors without giving anything away and made us so excited to start! There was another girl working at the front who greeted us, upon chatting she told us she was doing an internship there. She was friendly and checked in on us a couple times during our tour. We love love love this place!!! ”

Kamyar Kadivar on Jul 23, 2018 said:

“Wonderful as always. The brief history of the Mansion given before the show was great to hear again... to remind us what an amazing treasure we have in our neighborhood. Thank you H & Ted. We had a great time. The Magic Show was very intimate and charming. ”

Jennifer Knipfer on Jul 23, 2018 said:

“We had so much fun looking for the secret doors. We found 16 of them (at least we think we did)! ”

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