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Washington D.C.

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2,493 Mansion Reviews

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Tim Touchette on Dec 14, 2018 said:

“Just a magical place and everyone had a great time. We specialize in furnished rentals and the furnishings of this place were out of this world. We hope hold a future happy hour there.”

Mansion Guest on Dec 7, 2018 said:

“Epic experience. A must do. Will return ASAP. Exceptional customer service. Truly unique in all aspects. ”

Dr. Betty Uribe on Dec 4, 2018 said:

“As the speaker for this event, I found the location to be very convenient. The staff was superb, providing all necessary support as we organized this inaugural event for the benefit of the Museum. H, Ted, Iso, and the entire team were clearly dedicated to ensuring all the guests were comfortable and had plenty of time to enjoy the facilities prior to and after the event.rnOn a scale of 1 to 10, I would give this venue a 10.rnThank you for the opportunity to make a difference, I look forward to next time.rnKind regards,rnDr. Betty”

Shana Meyer on Dec 3, 2018 said:

“Having been to DC many times, we were looking for something off the beaten path. The O Museum exceeded our expectations. It was part treasure hunt, part "homes of the rich & famous," part museum of oddities. Great art, interesting architectural & design, and the added bonus of seeking out the Scooby-Doo-like hidden doors!”

Casey Lubiniecki on Dec 3, 2018 said:

“Dr. Betty did a fantastic job speaking on her experiences throughout life. She is such an inspirational and open leader. The O Manison has incredible service from their employees. Constantly checking in to ensure we are comfortable and seeing if we found all of the “must see” spots in the Mansion! ”

Marisa Wilkes on Dec 3, 2018 said:

“It was a great place to visit. Trying to find the doors was so much fun. We do wish we would have found more. The staff were great. ”

Mansion Guest on Nov 29, 2018 said:

“The venue is exceptional. The staff is beyond professional and accommodating. The food is outstanding. Everyone at the meeting was impressed and some of these people are not easy to impress! Thank you for your wonderful hospitality. We look forward to booking an event again with you! ”

Martin L Gimovsky on Nov 26, 2018 said:

“The Mansion on O Street is more than an event space, more than a hotel; it is a place of joy, peace and thanks. Ted and H are wonderful hosts and deserve every accolade for graciousness and good will. The Mansion is a place that should be enjoyed again and again; every visit reveals something new and wonderful.Thank you!”

Kathy Smith on Nov 26, 2018 said:

“We enjoyed every minute of it! The food was delicious and the mansion is such a fun place to snoop around!”

toni talentino on Nov 26, 2018 said:

“so good to be back in the mansion and sharing it with my daughter. rnthe mansion is truly my favorite hidden gem to show-off to visitors to dc.rnrnwil haygood is a great storyteller and a friend of my daughter.that just made the visit a cherry-on-top for my daughter.rnrnthank you for your unique gift of fun and joy and education.rnrnfondly,rntoni talentino”

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