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Washington D.C.

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2,538 Mansion Reviews

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Bobby Caras on Feb 17, 2019 said:

“It's alway a blast to visit The Mansion on O. The concert was fantastic. It was great to hear Felix tell his story!”

Barbara Gurgel on Feb 17, 2019 said:

“even after reading the reviews and testimonials I still had no idea what to expect going in. that being said, the experience was way more fun than I anticipated! we love the house and the treasure hunt is DEFINITELY the way to go. it really adds a layer to the experience. the only qualm I had was that some people kept leaving the hidden doors open BUT that is mostly our fault for coming on a busy day with lots of other visitors. I highly highly recommend the Mansion, just sure you have a couple hours to spend or you'll miss everything! ”

Mansion Guest on Feb 17, 2019 said:

“This was the best ‘accidental’ visit that I ever had. So much fun and I was excited that we found the wine cellar! I’m making plans to bring my other children over spring break. Amazing staff and we found a treasure, sweet little china tea cup, to buy to remember the day!!”

Beth Armagost on Feb 16, 2019 said:

“I thoroughly enjoyed every second of our tour and exploration of the Mansion at O street! Most of all, I enjoy the ingenuity and creativity of the people who make the O what it is.....a sustainable ongoing celebration of the arts and a way to give back to our community, in a big way. (The collection of donated items is such a brilliant and lucrative way to recycle treasures large and small.) I am thankful that you recognize and support our Military Community. It means so much!”

Mansion Guest on Feb 16, 2019 said:

“Another singularly awesome Mansion experience. The great enviroment I've come to expect from my previous visits, and Felix exceeded my expectations. Great show, great time.”

Mansion Guest on Feb 15, 2019 said:

“A wonderful show. Your staff is charming and very helpful. We hadn't been to the Mansion in over a decade and it reminded us of what we've been missing. We'll be back again soon. And Felix was the best!”

Mansion Guest on Feb 14, 2019 said:

“It was an enjoyable exploration and fun to see. The staff was very nice and helpful.”

Scott on Feb 10, 2019 said:

“What great fun exploring inside on a cold winter day! Our 14 yo loved exploring the mansion and immediately wanted to come back for another tour. Our hostess, Jess, was super friendly, informative, and set tbe tone for a fun experience! ”

Allison Foster on Feb 2, 2019 said:

“I forgot how great this place is. The mansion has a fascinating story and is such a unique venue for events. My team at work needed a space to get our creative juices flowing and the mansion was a slam-dunk. We will definitely come back! ”

Mansion Guest on Feb 1, 2019 said:

“I loved everything about our evening here. O Mansion is a truly stunning place for people of all ages. It was the perfect location for a book launch. The guests enjoyed hunting for the secret doors and passage ways throughout the mansion fore the event started. The venue contributed to the wonderful success of the event as well. What a fun place to be! ”

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