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  1. We were truly were made to feel like family rather than guests. We had an incredible time exploring and creating during our stay. The mansion has such an amazing energy in every room and is an inspiring place to recharge the creative batteries. Thank you.

  2. Dear Mansion and all who sail in her,
    Thank you for your seasonal message.

    Unfortunately, I shall not be able to join y’all this Easter, but you are forever in my thoughts.

    All best wishes for a happy and most successful Easter 2012!!

  3. Another excellent stay at the Mansion. This time I was in the 5th Dimension — didn’t even know the room existed. Very nice. I particularly enjoyed the Jesse Winchester performance and meeting him after the show. The “jeweled” Les Paul on display was also a treat.

  4. The totally unique environment of amazing array of collectibles that provides a chance to see items of historic and just interesting value. The variety of bedrooms with varying themes is a great use of older downtown residence space. The office space is highly beneficial and the informal kitchen for guests is welcoming and nice place to meet new people. The Mansion has a great vibe, very inviting and outstanding hosts Ted and H. I would strongly encourage anyone to consider lodging at the Mansion. Also, as I travel to DC often, the Mansion will be the place to stay if space available. Look forward to trying any of the available rooms.


  5. Thank you very much. I’m telling all my friends & associates about you. It is a truly unique and fun experience.

  6. I had a wonderful stay and really appreciate the hospitality. I admire your work ethic and the attention to detail. You are amazing hosts. Between the 2 of you I’m not surprised you’ve created such a magical kingdom.

    I look forward to coming back in the future and spending more time forgetting the outside world at the mansion.

  7. It was a magical stay. Scensory overload will require that we return to see what we missed the first time. Hillary’s attention to our confort was outstanding. Dinner was healthy, flavorful and timed perfectly. The room was quiet and comfortable. Would loved to have spent more time.

  8. Everything was handled perfectly! We have come to expect nothing less from the dedicated staff at the Mansion.

  9. To say staying at the mansion was a pleasure is such an understatement. What an amazing place. It gives new meaning to the word, “cool.” And thank you for the grand room. And the tour. Christmas Eve dinner was lovely. It was truly a wonderful birthday.

  10. The Mansion is, far and away, my favorite hotel in the country (and I travel frequently). It is a hidden gem. I always feel as if I am visiting a friend when at the Mansion and I look forward to my next stay. Thank you for creating such wonderful environment.

  11. With so much ease… you make this feel like home… You are both the most gracious hosts and I am blessed to be your guest.

  12. It was a very fun experience. We will be back! Only wish I could have seen the Mansion decorated for Christmas!

  13. I love this place, . . . great place to stay, . . . not your classic stuffy, sterile hotel. I enjoy the creative people that work and stay there, as well as the fun decor. The place is very self service and informal . . . just the way I like it.

  14. I arrived early without advanced notice, needing to get to a meeting downtown in 40 minutes. Ted got me checked in very quickly, and I got to my meeting on-time.

    It was exciting to see the vibe of the Mansion as it prepared for Holiday events.

  15. Our overall experience was very nice. We enjoyed the historic aspects of the buildings themselved and were very ammused with the interior decor. My wife, who is a photographer, could have spent an additional month shooting photos of the interiors and still not have captured all of the varied images and themes that make this such a wonderful place. Christmas in the mansion must be glorious.

  16. Loved it! Everyone so helpful and enthusiastic.
    Welcomed our daughters in for a tour.
    Fabulous experience and will be back! Thank you

  17. Loved the Country Room!
    Loved brunch and the wedding dinner.
    Loved your people. They were all wonderful.
    I cannot wait to return.
    Thank you for a great experience, oh and the linens are lovely.

  18. I loved my stay. I can’t wait to come back by for a few days and write some music. Lots of character in every room and a VERY creative space.

  19. Your hospitality to my family was amazing. I am forever grateful to both of you and will tell everyone in San Diego where to stay.

  20. We enjoyed our visit very much. All the staff members were extremely friendly and helpful; we even had the pleasure of meeting “H”. Wandering through the mansion was utterly fascinating: some highlights were Bob Dylan’s Guitar and John Lennon’s note to this laundry, but our absolute favorites were the Wine Cellar hidden behind the spice rack, and the “Lion and Lamb” mirror in the elevator.

    Another charming aspect was the fun of preparing breakfast in the well-stocked kitchen, and sharing experiences with our fellow guests. The bed was very comfortable and the bathroom expansive.

    We look forward to future visits – thanks for a wonderful memory.

  21. We loved the mansion! My son is still talking about all the secret doors! Thank you so much for the experience.

  22. I can’t tell you how magical the weekend was for all of us, but especially for Jennifer!

    It was definitely a birthday too be remembered, and a memory that will be cherished by everyone.

    The entire Mansion group was wonderful, but you (Hilary) are a true gem in the Mansion crown. Your bosses are
    very lucky to have such an exceptional person heading the staff.

    Thank you again for all of your dedication to making the weekend flawless. . .

  23. Really enjoyed our stay; appreciated the privacy and feeling like we were away from the city. We love this little area around Ost & Hopkins!

  24. I can’t thank you all enough and I really appreciate the courtesy you have shown me during my stay! I won’t forget it.

  25. The O Mansion is a wonderful experience, a delight to the senses. As always, the brunch was beyond delicious! I appreciated the personal feel of the staff, from the reservation process to the room selection. I also liked that I could wander around to pick a book at night. I especially appreciated when Ted brought me bandages at 11 at night. I highly recommend the hotel for everyone that is looking for privacy at a great rate in a centrally located, extremely unique hotel.

  26. Always enjoy my time at The Mansion! A wonderful place to get away from the “swirl” of the real world.

  27. Tony and I have been visiting the Mansion for the last 14 years – each year it gets better. Out first visit was for our 25th Anniversary – next year will be our 40th.

  28. Thanks…it truly was a wonderful stay. (I am looking forward to the
    next time already–and even got a note from friends of mine who are
    trying out your Monday night dinner on my recommendation, so the fan
    club is expanding.)

  29. I love staying at the O Mansion. The beds and bedding are awesome. I sleep better than I sleep at home. Its very relaxed and comfortable and also quite fascinating…love the books and the art.

    Looking forward to next month’s visits.

  30. Last night I stayed at the Mansion (Octagon) on the advise of a good friend and work colleague, Debbie Payton (she is a current long term resident there). Speaking as a frequent government traveler for the past 25 years, I can easily say that your establishment is my favorite among all the places I’ve stayed throughout the world. It was as if I became privy to this secret in the middle of Washington, DC, this magical place that few have seen and fewer know well. I can’t thank you enough for creating your hotel and permitting me a glimpse.

    At the end of August, we drop our only child off at the University of Delaware to begin his freshman year, thus ushering in a new era in our lives. I can think of no place better to spend our first night as “empty nesters” than at the Mansion. My wife, in particular, will require the fine distraction offered by such a hotel as she contemplates life without her son each day.

    Thank you again for your creativity and hospitality. The Mansion is an adventure through the looking glass for those lucky enough to find it.

  31. The entire staff was accomodating and friendly. I had recently had surgery and I had specific dietary needs which Chef Antoine did a fantastic job of helping me with. Hilary and Katherine were very helpful and patiently answered my questions whenever I had a concern. I am already planning my next stay!

  32. It was awesome as always! thanks for being there and sharing your home and wonderful treasures. The concert with Sarah Lee & Johnny was an extra wonderful treat as well.

  33. My stay at the Mansion was inspiration enough to fuel the next few operas. The staff felt like family and the facilities are downright ethereal, other-worldy, grand. I only wish I could have stayed longer, like maybe for a lifetime. I acquired a life-changing bejeweled dress and the memory of a place that will keep my imagination spinning infinitely. Thank you!!

  34. <3 you! Sorry we missed you!!! Hope you had a fabulous trip and a wonderful 4th of July. Your peeps were amazing as always! We love love love staying here.

  35. I love staying at the Mansion, and this was my best stay yet. The room was magnificent. I really appreciated management’s willingness to accomodate a reservation change that arose urgently. I happened by chance into the Walt Wilkins concert, which was marvelous, and I returned the next day to see them jam with Bonnie Montgomerie, which was beyond marvelous. Thank you so much for the unforgettable stay– I can’t wait to return!

  36. We were guests in the Rosa Parks Safe House and thoroughly enjoyed our stay. Our room(s) were charming and comfortable. The location of the Mansion was very convenient, too.
    We will definitely come again!

  37. Comfy bed & bedding, peaceful atmosphere. I like getting my own breakfast! I like the place and recommend it to my colleagues and friends.

  38. This was our third visit. We loved being in The Penthouse! Thank you again! Its always a genuinely and magical restorative experience here. Our dinners were fantabulous!

  39. I stayed here with co-workers for a whole week. The Mansion has been the greatest lodging experience that I have had and I travel over 30 weeks a year. The rooms are so cool and the staff is, well, so cool. Let’s just say, that I am bringing my new bride here to share the fun. We hope to make The Mansion one of those “Special” places. Hopefully sincerity makes up for a lack of creativity.

  40. I’m still going through fun withdrawals. Thanks again for a great experience and a very memorable weekend. Now I just have to count the days until I’m back at the “House”

  41. Wow…I’d heard about The Mansion from a few friends but never had the chance to stay with you — until earlier this week — you did not disappoint! I was enchanted by the atmosphere and I can’t even begin to say I saw enough — we’ll be back!

  42. It was wonderful to stay in a “home away from home” I live in a regency town house in the UK with period furniture so this was so relaxing and comforting, especially while working!!

  43. Thanks everyone! We were awarded the 2011 Talk of the Town Excellence in Customer Satisfaction Winner for Hotels and Travel in DC!

  44. Thanks for everything: the room, the dinner, the hospitality. Heather and Katherine were superb; Antoine and his dinner were magnificent!

  45. Thanks for a great stay, as always – see you next month (reservation to be made within the next few days)!

  46. Dear Miss H and Mr. Ted,
    Thank you for the mask and letting us stay at The Mansion.
    From – the Majiks

    P.S. I like your house

    (click to enlarge)

  47. Thank you for an excellent at the Mansion. We stayed in the St. Andrew’s Suite and found it to be perfect. We also enjoyed exploring the mansion and came across room after room to investigate. It was very easy to get lost, but that added to the charm. We also want to thank the young woman who helped us find our way around. If only we could remember her name. She was excellent.

  48. With most of my family still on a time zone 5 hours east of DC, we’ve already moved out of the Gatehouse and are back to our house in Bethesda, ready to tackle the mundane tasks of unpacking suitcases and getting settled in here.

    We wanted to share our heartfelt thanks for letting us spend Christmas at the Mansion. While jet lag and mildly sick children prevented us from spending more time at the main house, the Gatehouse was an ideal place for everyone to decompress after the stresses of a transatlantic move, and a great staging area for our Christmas events, which included a nice Christmas Eve dinner with relatives in the District, and the great lunch at the Mansion yesterday, which allowed us to reacquaint ourselves with even more relatives in the area.

    I am sure that you will be seeing more of us, and quite likely some of our guests from yesterday as well; they, like us, have succumbed to the magic of the Mansion.

    Many thanks again, and I hope that you might be able to find some moments of quiet in what appears to be an extraordinarily hectic season for you!

  49. I really enjoyed my room and meeting all your house guests at breakfast, what a fun and amazing concept!

    Your Inn is second to none, the artwork, ambiance and aesthetics, make for an amazing experience, and I look forward to staying with you in the future.

  50. I can honestly say that my stay this week at the Mansion on O was spectacular and an experience that I will not forget soon – your property is inspiring.

  51. Neither words nor photos truly reflect th O Mansion experience. When I was preparing to introduce three friends to the magic of the Mansion for Thanksgiving dinner, I could only smile and say “wait until you’re there.”

  52. Now that we officially know you’re “whimsically opulent” (Washington Post Travel article) we understand fully how we had such a wonderful time staying with you in late August.

  53. Now that we’re back in Texas I find that my thoughts often drift to our time at the Mansion. It seems like a long time ago already, although I’m pretty sure it was only August. I just wanted to say thank you once again for your amazing hospitality. I’m honored to be a small satellite occasionally orbiting the fabulous world you’ve created.

    From myself and all the Mystiqueros, once again, thank you.

  54. Dear H & Ted, This song- thus the book, were written in their entirety while I was a guest at The Mansion on O Street. The creative energy flows like a palpable current at your sanctuary. I thank you both for your love & support! Love, Gordon Titcomb

  55. I stayed in the Log Cabin. I have been all over the world (Europe, Israiel, etc.) This is by fart the most unique, dynamic and opulent lodging experience I have ever had.

  56. Thank you for making it possible for us to stay at the Mansion.

    My daughter Grace’s art award at the Capitol (the Congressional High School Arts competition) kept us running from ceremony to tours.

    Your staff was gracious, and we were continually amazed by the Mansion. What a great concept and an elegant delivery – Grace was particularly enamored with the variety of artwork. I’ve attached an image of Grace’s award winning pastel, which now hangs in a gallery between the Capitol & the Cannon Office Building.

    (click to enlarge)

  57. Thanks for extending the fantastic hospitality. Your place is simply brilliant and my stay has been memorable and comfortable.

  58. Thank you very much for letting us stay in the log cabin one night of our trip. My son Wil has been talking about it for half his life (he’s 11, so it really has been half his life since my book signing in 2005). He’s more excited about this than any other aspect of the trip (including seeing family and friends!!)

    Just wanted you to know that you made a little boy’s day!

  59. I think I’m still wandering through the walls trying to find our room. And I was there three weeks ago. Love and miss the mansion.

  60. Thank you so much for your gracious hospitality over the July 4th weekend. You definitely have one of the most interesting “hotels” I’ve ever seen … so much fun just checking out its nooks and crannies! Thanks for helping create for us one of the best July 4ths, ever!

  61. Our stay was enchanting & fun. Including the Tea on Saturday and breakfast in the kitchen. We loved the Captain’s Quarters, especially our son, 10 who slept on his first waterbed!

  62. This experience has been fantastic! I could stay here for weeks wandering from room to room just looking and reading and exploring!

    Thanks to our Chef, and really the entire staff! This experience has been just wonderful!

  63. I don’t need a minibar in my room w/ $7 cashews. I don’t need a giant atrium in the lobby. What I need is feeling like a guest at someone’s house. Instead of feeling like a transient working in DC, at least after 6PM I’m on vacation. The Mansion is the hidden gem of DC hotels.

  64. I just wanted to thank you and everyone at the mansion again. It is an oasis among the typical hotel desert. Those rooms are something else.

  65. Many thanks for a wonderful visit. Especially the spontaneous meal from your chef as well as Hillary’s caring attendance to my requests. Just so much fun and so comfortable. I slept wonderfully well.

  66. The magic again enveloped me and never left. It is with me still. Thank you, thank you!
    We loved the Lennon room and were so glad that it was one of our options, though truly? It wouldn’t have mattered then, and it won’t matter the next time, what rooms were/are available, because each is a unique adventure in itself, and that, too, is part of the magic. Thank you!
    I don’t think I know of any other place where the answer to any request is always “Yes.” Not “Yes, but.” Just “Yes.” Every single person at the Mansion was kind and helpful and friendly…and effortless. Not studied. Not rehearsed. Just genuinely kind and wonderful.
    I had the best time sitting ensconced by the window on the sofa in the room with all the chandeliers, listening to the music and reading my New Yorker, and then later taking a stroll to DuPont Circle to people-watch.
    So, could i just come and live there for a while?
    Thank you, again!

  67. I stayed in the log cabin room. I have been all over the world (Europe, Israel, etc.). This is by far the most unique, dynamic and opulent lodging experience I have ever had. Thank you.

  68. Thank you for your hospitality this past week. We really enjoyed staying at your mansion and look forward to coming back in the future. We must say this was the most unique BB we’ve ever stayed in.

  69. I can’t thank you and everyone else at the Mansion enough for making our stay memorable and making us feel at home. We’re making plans to come back in the fall because we enjoyed it so much.

  70. Thank you so much for everything. My stay was wonderful. I love that the building is named for Rosa Parks. I love that I was surrounded by music and political memorabilia. I love the exquisitely decorated rooms, the privacy. And I love that I sat on a comfy couch sipping ginger tea watching Health Care Reform pass during my stay.

  71. The Mansion was one of the nicest stays I’ve had while in DC. Great location (just a few block walk from my meeting place), comfortable place and coffee right out the door!

    Couldn’t ask for more.

    Thank you for your hospitality

  72. We love being in our “home away from home” and guess we have you (and the big group who booked out the full mansion across the way!) for introducing us to the new and exquisite joys of the Versailles Room. We had an amazingly wonderful 3 nights there.

  73. I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed my visit. So I am sending you my grandmother’s silver and some of my jewelry to show you.

  74. This is the home in an of your dreams like Alice’s Wonderland where nothing is, as it seems. A place to feed your soul and rest your feet. A cornucopia of delights hidden on O Street. Unique, unmatched — ‘most certainly!’

  75. As “seasoned” world travelers (from NYC no less) you don’t expect to be “wowed” too often, however, our experience with you proved there is always something new and magnificent to experience

  76. I just stayed at the mansion in the 5th Dimension and it was FANTASTIC!!! I couldn’t believe that I was in a hotel. It was truly amazing!

  77. ‘Unbelievably serene, but incredibly stimulating stay. I finally feel as if I have experienced the awe of DC history. A very personal history’.

  78. ‘I Love this place – there is always a bit of fear when traveling but here I never even locked my door! Wandering around in my PJ’s to get coffee is the best!’

  79. After moving five times in a month, it’s a great pleasure to be at the Gatehouse and unpack. Everyday I think of you in my heart. What a beautiful place to live! The ultimate in inner city shared housing.

  80. I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you all for a wonderful experience over these past few days. Your hospitality and company made getting stranded in a blizzard a pleasure, and I hope to be able to return soon, especially to find time to play the graphite guitar!

  81. We are still living off our wonderful week! Whenever you are in S FL we would love the opportunity to take you both out to dinner. Just let us know! And enjoy the oranges!

  82. I just wanted to thank you for an amazing stay at the O Mansion. The Mansion is incredible, and everyone I had the pleasure of meeting was extremely accommodating and friendly. It was by far the most exciting, unique experience I have ever had in a hotel; You all definitely succeed in helping your guests break from their everyday routine, and you most certainly provide an experience that will not be forgotten. It was so nice meeting you, and I hope to be back soon!

  83. Very comfortable accommodations and ambience. Thank you to our hosts and Katherine who took us on a lovely tour. We’ll be recommending you to friends and family. Congratulations on your 30th anniversary!

  84. Unbelievably serene, but incredibly stimulating stay. I finally feel as if I have experienced the awe of DC history. A very personal history.

  85. My second stay at the mansion was even more entertaining than the first and the first was spectacular. You have created something really unique and intellectually stimulating.

  86. My stay at the Mansion was not only wonderful, but one of the most memorable birthdays I’ve ever had. Thank you for sharing your beautiful, magical home.

  87. I wanted to thank you for your hospitality and generosity last evening. I have stayed in a lot of hotels in my time, but there’s certainly no place else in the world like yours! It was a wonderful experience.

  88. We had a wonderful time staying in the John Lennon Suite New Years, and we wish you and the Mansion the very best for the year to come. Hope to see you all again soon!

  89. This was the most fun I’ve ever had in a hotel… and I was alone! I’ll never stay anywhere else in DC. I can’t wait to return.

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