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  1. Dear H, Ted, Hilary & Katherine,

    Well what can I say, best party I have ever had. Thank you all so much for all your hard work in creating an atmosphere that was just pure magic. I have been steadily getting emails from people who attended just raving about every detail.

    I also want to thank you for always making me feel so welcome and at home. You have created a special place in a city that desperately needs them and I feel blessed to have found it.

    Here is the link for the photos

  2. I am a legal recruiter at a local law firm and have spent the last 4 1/2 years living in DC. I grew up in Florida and when I moved here is spent the firm few months roaming the city for the next big adventure. But I didnâ•˙t discover the Mansion until about a month ago while looking for event space and let me say from the moment I entered the row house I was in awe. I felt like a child as I was given a tour the space discovering new and exciting things. I spend 8 hours a day in an office where my job is to find new ways to recruit students to our firm and to help find a work, life balance with our current employees. That day I walked into the Mansion, my heart smiled because first I was surprised that I didn’t know about this hidden treasure, just a few blocks from my office, with its secret passages, themed rooms and décor for sale, and second I felt at ease. It was a weird combination because I was so excited to see the next room but also wanted to take in the room I was currently standing in with its trinkets, books, portraits, guitars and more. I was overwhelmed in a good way! Last summer I planned the first artistic event the firm has done and a group went to a local art studio and painted portraits of the national mall, and for a person who has little to no artistic ability my canvas hangs proudly in my office. The feedback from that event was overwhelming; those who attended were so excited for a new outlet other than the mundane cocktail parties and socials. Also, people werenâ•˙t criticizing paintings but instead were giving complaints and tips to those not confident in their work, not the typical feedback in a work environment. A few weeks later we did a cupcake decorating class and the skeptics who attended reported after that there domestic and creative sides really shined thru with mixing flavors and colors and the best part was they could eat their goodies. These two events reminded us that itâ•˙s not all about working hard, itâ•˙s also about enjoying working together, giving advice outside of the office and remember there is more to thi! s life than the 9 to 5. Being a member of the Mansion would expand upon the types of events and outlets that I could plan to make our firm more fun, relaxed and creative. It would give us the opportunity step out of the box and explore a different side of ourselves, whether thru a planned event, lunch or a much needed mental break from the rigors of the corporate world. Our events help refocus what all this is really about, building a collegial environment that transcends the halls of the office and into our lives.

  3. H & Ted… Hope to see you soon… you two really are special, and you’ve created the most special place. Thanks for letting me be part of your journey!

  4. Thanks again for all of the support you and your team at O Mansion provided us during the FHI 360 retreat. We felt that it was a great success.

  5. Everyone had a really wonderful time – they loved the venue, and they absolutely can’t wait to go back. Many of them have commented that they’re planning to take their spouses to one of the public events.

  6. Thank you and your team for a splendid evening we spent at the O Mansion. It was a great event, the fun activity and the food were impeccable, and our team throughly enjoyed their time there.

  7. The Staff at The Mansion — THANKS for the delightful service, the conversation with our managers, your prompt delivery of food and drink….kudos to all!

  8. Top notch staff, thank you for a wonderful evening! The Mansion was amazing, thank you for making our event truly beautiful and a huge success!

  9. Thanks so much for your amazing handling of our event! All guests enjoyed their time at the mansion and we look forward to hosting more events there in the future. Keep up the great work!

  10. Julie and I want to thank you and the staff for doing a fantastic job last Friday. Everyone had a wonderful time. We have received so many nice comments about how attentive and friendly the staff was. Richard was a particular hit with everyone as he entertained them while cooking the stir-fry. He made each person feel like they were getting a special meal. Folks loved the food — especially the deserts!

    Kudos to you and all the staff who made our wedding celebration such a memorable event. Of course, the Mansion itself was the star of the show and people will be talking about it for years.

  11. I’m not sure how to say a proper Thank You for everything you did for me and Steve. Like any creative project, there are great realizations, incredible and happy accidents, and tense moments that are all part of the process. I’m not sure how you do what you do: manage the details, stay open to the options, nail down the specifics, and deliver everything seamlessly. I sincerely appreciate all that you did for us, for our wedding, and for our friends and family. THANK YOU.

  12. Thanks again for all your help on Saturday night. We had a fabulous evening! All our guests loved The Mansion.

  13. I couldn’t even keep count of the number of enthusiastic comments we’ve heard from family and friends about our wedding. I heard the words “creative” and “unique” a lot. The most frequent question was “How did you find this place?”, and the highest compliment came from the friend who told us it might have been the best wedding they’d ever been to.

    Much of the credit for this success belongs to the O Mansion staff. You made suggestions for what to do and how to do it, you accommodated our last-minute changes, and on the night of the wedding, everyone we interacted with was thoughtful and helpful, almost to the point of fanaticism.

    Staying in the Log Cabin was a chance we’d hoped for since the first time we saw it. The room is fun and beautifully put together.

    Thank you for everything!

  14. Thank you very much for a fantastic event yesterday! The service and overall experience the Mansion provided exceeded our expectations.

  15. Having just left the Coffey/Smith wedding on 10/8 I want to express how much I enjoyed your site. The mansion is obviously amazing and your staff were delightful. Highlights included the beautiful wooden bath tubs and sinks,the adventure of looking for secret passages to kiss my husband in and the attentive service of Eric and Zoe.

  16. In bad times, it’s more important to have a place like the Mansion than in good times, I think. It’s kind of a fantasy that you can live for a while.

  17. The event was wonderful! Everything was nicely arranged, there was plenty of space for me and all my guests, and everyone had a great time and said the service and facilities were incredibly accommodating! Eric the Bartender was especially pleasant, and helped keep the party rolling. Thank you to everyone!!

  18. Thank you so very much for our awesome event at the O Mansion! It was all Ben had hoped for and more. Tom and I can’t say enough about how welcome our guests felt and the food…. oh, my, it just kept coming! Thank you for putting the extras in like the California Pizza for appetizers; there were others but the mind blurs! You and the staff were always gracious, helpful and so very accommodating. And, punctual! I really appreciate how you helped keep things moving on your end. He had so wanted everyone attending to enjoy the crazy uniqueness that the O Mansion provides. His wishes were exceeded as guest after guest gushed about it all – especially the food.

    One of my brother-in-laws from Texas pulled me aside. Mark’s a big eater, loves his beer/wine and more. He said that never before had he ever felt satiated with dessert. Mark finally knows what it takes to make him feel he’s had a “real” dessert feast! Many other guests echoed these sentiments. It set the bar high for the actual wedding day.

    Tom and I were thrilled that our evening at the O Mansion set a tone of fun, quirkiness and great food in a unique DC setting. With the granduer of the Cathedral of St. Matthew’s for the wedding and The Washington Club for reception, it was a fabulous destination wedding weekend for all. Please express our great appreciation to the others who helped make this possible.

  19. Thank YOU… and Ted… and Katherine… and the rest of the Mansion family for another wonderful event. Special thanks to “The Docent Family”… great name tags!!!! No one can ever again say they did not know there were docents at the event. :-)

    People were stopping to say what a great time they had, the Mansion is beautiful, the food was outstanding, the staff is so nice. I think the presentation of the dinner buffet, the 4th Floor kitchen, the Sushi room, the dessert table and all stations are are visions guests will never forget… it was amazing.

    And speaking of the food, thank you! I felt very bad, and I was worried about having to make cuts. But I noticed last night that some of the foods I cut were there. And this morning, someone was commenting that the caviar and lamb chops were wonderful… so it sounds like everything was there! Thank you so much for providing our guests with the full Mansion experience!

    The guests who had readings loved Dezia. Many talked about their readings at the event, on the van ride back to the hotel, and one guest told me she went to sleep feeling very hopeful and woke up feeling the same. (That is a really nice takeaway!)

    DC’s Finest was a huge hit as always. Both new guests and guests who have seen them for years thoroughly enjoyed their performance.

    It was an exceptional evening, as always.

  20. We enjoyed ourselves and the space was perfect for our meeting! We appreciate everything you did to make it a great experience.

  21. Everyone had a wonderful time (and talk of the Mansion’s magic percolated through the night – and perhaps whilst the attendees dreamed later that night). The Mansion staff were very helpful and polite (particular kudos to Steve the bartender!).

    A special thank you goes to Ted for providing a spontaneous Raw music demonstration. All were enthralled with this musically feast.

  22. We are still riding the high from our amazing party on Saturday. We could never put into words our appreciation for your generosity and friendship. The mansion has been, is, and will be our home away from home forever.

  23. We have never received such glowing comments about a party. The food was fantastic, the Mansion captivating, warm and friendly. It was a very special time for us and our family. We are very grateful.

  24. …thank you for the special accommodations for my nephews’ nut allergies. The chocolate bars were a hit! My family all had a great time and still were talking about the experience the following morning…it was a great hit!

  25. I’d like to thank you and the Mansion staffs for the wonderful evening. As expected everything was great, and you were a gracious and wonderful host. I received many comments as how the guests enjoyed themselves and had a great time.

  26. Our guests were completely in AWE of the Mansion and the party was a raging success. I cannot thank all of you enough for the gracious response to our group and the hospitality we all felt. It is truly one of the Mansion’s great gifts that you feel immediately at home, yet distinctly in a magical space, the minute you enter its doors.

  27. My guest and I had a fabulous evening at the Mansion; the wine cellar atmosphere and dinner was a real trick and treat (my birthday is Halloween)! Best part of the evening was my surprise engagement, your kitchen staff was in on it!

    Thanks so much for the wonderful service you and Mansion staff provided, I’ll never forget it!

  28. Visited the Mansion today for the first time for the wedding/brunch of Alane Keller & Ralph Dashner.

    I had an absolutely wonderful time seeing the mansion, and the food was superb.

    I greatly look forward to the next time I can visit.

    Thank you very much for all of your staff’s hospitality.

  29. I’m not sure that words can really express what the Mansion means to me. That’s something that goes beyond thoughts or feelings, for which there may be words. But I don’t think it’s just a matter of the inadequacy of words. If I were tech-savvy enough to own and know how to use a digital camera or video recorder, I don’t think the sights and sounds that could be electronically recorded and shared would prove any more adequate… Still, when I saw what seemed like a challenge of self-discovery – a seemingly simple question begging to be answered: What does the Mansion mean to you? – I couldn’t resist.

    I’d heard about the Mansion before, but these references fell in the category of things that people tell you about, which make you think “Oh, that’s interesting…”, but you really don’t understanding what it was they were really describing until you experience it for yourself (for example, like Cirque du Soleil). I’d heard The Mansion was an alternative hotel, or a great place to go for a Sunday brunch, so I stored this information in the back of my head for future reference…

    I didn’t ‘discover’ what The Mansion really is (to the extent I’ve scratched that surface) until I was looking for a place for my organization to have an office retreat. I wanted to find some place to match the passion we feel towards our mission (to protect human rights and the environment), and the hotel conference rooms I was finding just weren’t going to cut it. I found a few places that might have been OK (said with a resigned sigh) … but somehow or other The Mansion reached out and found me, without me even really realizing I was looking for it, just when I really needed it. I don’t remember how that happened. All I remember was that I had a rapidly growing understanding that it was going to be The Place I was looking for as soon as I started to make contact (via the website – What a treat!! – and then with the people who facilitate the Mansion’s magic). When I showed up to check out the place in person it was not at a normal hour, and so I entered through the d!
    ownstairs door. It felt like I was entering through some special portal. I was instantly hooked. Magic indeed!

    I almost felt guilty asking for a full tour, as I knew from those very first few seconds I’d found what I was looking for, but I suddenly was greedy for more. I wanted to see it all. I was grinning from ear to ear as I entered each room, saw each angel, walked down each narrow passage way leading on to the next discovery, could almost hear the music coming out of each guitar… I was enchanted!

    I couldn’t wait until my colleagues would see it as well. It was a space that was even more outside than outside the box.

    When it came time for the retreat it was like we were transported to a different planet. We spent a couple days exploring The Mansion while we explored our own mission, and prepared our strategic plan, in a space where the creative energy was almost bristling. The space, the books, the art, the food. It all enriched our mind, bodies, and souls. There could not have been a more perfect place for us!

    Since then I’ve come back – always bringing someone else along, knowing that they too will be charmed, and will marvel at this total-being experience of stepping from what seems like an ordinary street in Washington DC into a magical kingdom (not of the mickey mouse variety).

    To enter in to The Mansion is to enter in to a state of mind that makes you feel blessed, and as special as the place itself is. Thank you for creating this space and opening it up to the rest of us!

  30. If your ears were not burning Saturday afternoon they should have been; I was so pleased to hear so many compliments on the Mansion and the Brunch. It was definitely a winner.

    Our brunch at the Mansion, to start off our Embassy Tour was the highlight of the day.

  31. Thank you for a wonderful day at the mansion! We accomplished quite a bit. The food, staff and overall experience was wonderful, and we appreciate the guided tour as well. I wish I had had more time to shop…

  32. We just spent the most beautiful weekend with you at The Mansion! We loved our time there so much that we’re coming back this weekend for brunch with our children. Amazing surroundings, food and hosts.

  33. I want you to know how thrilled everyone was with the bridal shower breakfast I hosted at the Mansion on O last Sunday. Our private room was absolutely beautiful, the food was fantastic, the service was extremely attentive and the dessert buffet was quite amazing. The bride-to-be hasn’t stopped talking about her shower and the Mansion. Thank you so very much for making possible such a wonderful place to celebrate our event.

  34. Thank you for everything you did to make our wedding reception a truly wonderful evening. Sally and Katherine were so wonderful during the planning process, Hillary was terrific as our on-site person that night, your chefs created a great meal and unbelievable dessert room, and the wait staff & bartender that night was the best. Please know how much we appreciate what you did for us!

  35. Thank you for the grand repast at The Mansion.

    The serving tables were laden with tasty vittles and wonderful sweets, and no bounds were placed on replenishments. It proved to be a jolly get-together on a rainy afternoon.

    It is gratifying to know that you consider the occasion an earned reward for our achievements
    I appreciate the recognition.

    (click to enlarge image)

  36. The PBS party was a smashing success!

    Our guests said — It was the perfect party on every level — it was actually very much fun — I loved every minute and morsel.

    Thanks so much for everything. An event at the Mansion is always a magical experience, and this was no exception.

  37. Thank you for naming us your charity for the Earth Day breakfast — you are a terrific partner and supporter.

  38. I wanted to thank you for organizing the amazing event for us last night. My team had a fabulous time, the food was great, the whole atmosphere very unique as usual, your staff was very discreet but always at hand, everyone loved the numerology reports and also Ted’s speech was very interesting. In a word, a great event, thanks to all of you guys. We are looking forward to organizing something similar again!

  39. Thank you so much. We had a wonderful time. People told me that was the BEST Boeing event they have ever attended. The staff – everyone was absolutely wonderful to us. We will definitely look forward to returning and recommending other Boeing groups to attend the O Street Mansion. Thanks again!

  40. We are truly glad to have had our event hosted at the Mansion not only for Sunday part but also a surprise Monday with all the snow, as the Bank closed down and we had guests! I thank you and all your staff for the greatest support and response to all sorts of requests we’d had.

  41. We had a great wedding and this amazing venue was the reason for it all. It was great to share The Mansion with my friends and family, and everyone had a great time.

  42. I just wanted to thank you all for helping us put on our best Madison & Mistletoe to date! Our guests had a FABULOUS time and that is in large part due to all of your hard work.

  43. Thank you so much for all your hard work. the board retreat was fantastic, everyone had a good time and the food was DELICIOUS!!!
    We’re looking forward to working with you again.

  44. Thank you so much for all your hard work. The board retreat was fantastic, everyone had a good time and the food was DELICIOUS!!! We’re looking forward to working with you again.

  45. Our event was a BIG hit. Thank you for working with us. Everyone loves the Mansion and all report planning to return. All guests continue to marvel at the quantity of food and the presentations. Everyone reported a favorite dish. The big hits were too many to name but my mother reports that the sweet potato casserole was: “just like the casserole we make.” Of course nothing gets better than a claim like that from an outstanding cook. Thank you, again for being so considerate of my groups. I love working with you and will continue to send business to the Mansion.
    — JoAnn Mussenden, Chapter President | Silver Spring, Maryland Chapter of the Links, Inc.

  46. Attended a wedding reception at Mansion on O in early June 2009 during which an exquisite lemon meringue pie and a luscious lemon cheesecake were served. A group of us conversed about how good these desserts were (especially the lemon meringue) and encouraged everyone who came near to try them. I never thought that I would have a lemon meringue pie as good as my grandmother used to make but thankfully I was wrong. Mansion on O’s lemon meringue pie was soooooo good that I’ve been thinking about it for weeks and hope to enjoy another piece in the near future.

  47. Jim was asked to serve on the Board of Directors for the Community Health Accreditation Program and he attended his first Board meeting on Tuesday. The organization was having a dinner on Wednesday night to honor and say farewell to both a long time Board member and a long time staffer. It was to be held at The Mansion on O Street formerly, The O Street Mansion and before that H.H. Leonards…. the very place we got married! When he told them that, they told him to bring me.
    Without telling me where it was, except for “some hotel” on O Street, he told me that I was invited and asked if I wanted to go. I said, sure, why not….I met him at his office at 5:45, we took a taxi over…I didn’t exactly hear the address he gave the driver, but when the taxi turned the corner onto the street and asked what address we were looking for again, Jim said, 2020…and the dawn struck!! “Hey,” I said, “isn’t that where we got MARRIED!” “Why YES,” he said, laughing his little trickster laugh.
    It was very nice and exciting. We hadn’t been back at all since the wedding in 1983 and it was only one house then. Now it is five interconnecting houses and very interesting to explore. They had a fabulous bar and both of the young women make excellent and very large cosmos…I know because I had two! Then, after we were all seated but before we ate dinner, H. H. herself talked a little about the place and asked if there were any questions. I told her we had gotten married there almost 25 years ago! And she gave us a coupon for a complimentary champagne Sunday brunch for two….I think we’ll use it on May 27, which is the Sunday before our anniverary on the 29th. And maybe we’ll have a party back there for our 25th anniversary next year. It’s certainly a beautiful and fun place and the food is fabulous!
    April 12, 2007

  48. Thank you for organizing a wonderful dinner for us last night, everyone praised the food and said what a wonderful time they had!

  49. The event was perfect! We had a really fantastic time. The food was perfect, even better than the last time I was there. And the whole office loved exploring the mansion. It was a huge success and I know you will get a lot of good word of mouth from our group!

  50. We were married at the Mansion nearly 19 years ago, on October 13, 1991. We have been VERY happily married ever since then (for the marvelous start you gave us, we owe you forever a debt of gratitude, seriously). We now have three children and live in Chapel Hill, NC — we will plan to come spend our 20th anniversary there in just over a year. And we may still book your Monday lunch this trip, so we can show our kids the magical gem of a place where Mom and Dad exchanged their vows.

    We continue to be so delighted to have discovered you for our wedding nearly two decades ago, and we look forward to revisiting the spot where so much of our continuing happiness and amazing good fortune was launched.

  51. Just a quick note of thanks to commend you and your staff for doing such a stellar job. The sales kickoff dinner I hosted there on Tuesday was phenominal, due in no small part to your staff, who took care of every detail in such a gracious and accommodating manner.

  52. My fiancé Paul was scheduled to perform for an intimate gathering February 14th, celebrating the O Mansion’s Silver Anniversary as well as the Benefit for The Clare Foundation. Paul Williams was a favorite of H. H. Leonards Spero, the hotel’s founder and being one of the most romantic composers on record (that would be vinyl and compact disc), his music proved to be an excellent choice for the romantics in the city.

    My fiancé and I embarked on an adventure that began with pressing a red button on a concrete wall of a non-descript doorway. Feeling like Dorothy from Kansas, we found ourselves inside a magical world once the heavy door clanked shut.

    The interior of The Mansion has high ceilings and crystal chandeliers dangling sepia-toned light, casting the antiques, fine art and guests all in the same warm amber glow.

    After just minutes inside this mansion, you wonder if you can ever leave. The shimmering aesthetics draw you in, or is it they call you home? The comfort surrounds you like a velvet cloak and it’s almost intoxicating. I’ve heard travelers describe the danger of stepping off a trail in a dense jungle; just two feet from the path one could get lost forever.

    That’s the rich allure one feels standing just a few feet inside the door of this private luxury hotel of 22 rooms in the District of Columbia. The Nation’s Capital, a-buzz with the concrete world of politics, for now has been placed on hold, as the real world is suspended. With few clocks or calendars, idealism reigns as music flows from room to room. The sensual atmosphere of beauty is set in motion by the founder of The Mansion, H. H. Leonards and her husband Ted Spero, whose eclectic taste is artfully displayed and heartfully expressed.

    Were wings promising a quiet protection shielding us from the noise of the city streets? Perhaps, since The Mansion is overflowing with angels pictured in ornate frames, replicated in marble and porcelain, or simply flying by on a painted wall.

    With just our minister Dr. Jim Turrell and his wife Patty flown in from California, we had a private ceremony in the Penthouse. As luck would have it (the word luck has been replaced by magical intervention), a beautiful picture of the Madonna hung on the wall behind us. The Greek artist, Alexandra Roussis, was the featured artist of the month, and her collection graced many of the walls in February; and described as “paintings that celebrate life and heal the soul.”

    As we took our vows, candles flickered beside white roses as the song The Very Thought of You played in the background. It was an ideal romantic setting for the happiest day of our lives. Just as I started to get weepy, the beat turned around with the trumpet harmonies ofBeginnings by Chicago. The two songs book-ended emotions we were over-come with, at our tiny-gigantic wedding.

    Paul Williams’ songs We’ve Only Just Begun, and Evergreen have set the backdrop for many couples on their wedding day. For us, at mid-life, we feel the same sentiments and rush of young love that those lyrics expressed. However, we needed to separate ourselves from those songs and that time.

    This year on Valentine’s Day, for Paul and me, love was absolutely soft as an easy chair, and we are so thrilled that “we’ve only just begun!”

  53. Words alone cannot describe my gratitude for the party and sharing your “home” with me. I have memories that will last a lifetime.

  54. It’s unanimous – our team had a wonderfully productive and fun retreat and cooking class last Friday. We’d like to send special thanks and recognition to Diana Diamond who took excellent care of us and enhanced every aspect of our cooking class.

  55. Our group had such a great time last week! Many have indicated they’d prefer to stay at the Mansion during future visits than the area hotels we have been using! And the food was a feast to the eyes as well as the tummy, yes many of us overate, but it was worth it. (People are still talking about the lobster pot pie and the seaweed salad!)

  56. Jona’s bat mitzvah celebration at The Mansion turned out to be a wonderful, memorable evening for our family. Our guests loved exploring the unique space and savoring the delicious food — several also commented on the quality of the staff. We are appreciative for your responsiveness to our suggestions and to all of your attention to detail.

    Though we imagined it when we booked the party last fall, our experience confirmed what a unique and special place the Mansion is.

  57. Many historical events have taken place at The Mansion, but to Geoffery and me, The Mansion is like no other place we have ever visited. It’s like home. We believe that The Mansion is the only place to bring the most special people in our lives on our most special day.

    Thank you for a perfect wedding reception. You and your entire staff were wonderful. My guests can not stop talking about The Mansion, the food, and the staff. Geoff and I are so happy about everything. The International room was wonderful too. Geoff and I plan to return for our anniversary. The wedding cake was magnificent.

    Again, thank you for an extraordinary experience and I can hardly wait to see all of you again.

  58. Thanks you so much, I absolutely love your property! More importantly, our most important clients raved about our dinner.

  59. The Mansion was the perfect, unique venue for our daughter Rachel’s Bat Mitzvah. Rachel and her friends had a wonderful time exploring the Mansion and dancing and playing games with the DJ. The adults were amazed not only by the décor of the Mansion, but by the fabulous food and desserts. The Mansion staff could not have been more accommodating and were great to work with throughout the planning process. Our immediate family stayed at the Mansion for the Bat Mitzvah and it was a weekend that we will all remember forever. I strongly recommend the Mansion to anyone who is looking for something different than a hotel or country club ball room for their child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah.

  60. Thank you for a most wonderful evening last night. I greatly apprecaite the service and accomodation that you gave the group. Your place came highly recommended and now I see why. I will definitely be bringing the group back for Sunday Brunch.

    Thank you for your hospitality. You have made all of our holidays a more memorable one.

  61. Your warmth, generosity & great-at-what-you-do-ness made for a relaxed & entirely enjoyable night! Jack may never come down from the high. You can count on his wedding in a decade or two.

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